Thursday, October 31, 2013


OK. I'm sure you already know everything about it. During the past two weeks it was the name on everybody's lips: Isabel Marant (I mean, how can you not talk about her?). 
For me, she represents the ultimate cool parisian woman (along with her bff madame Alt, of course) and if I could swap wardrobes with hers overnight, I'd do it in an instant. 

Even though I already had a glimpse of it at the office, today I got to see it entirely. The clothes have that typical Marant attitude, with a loose cut that makes them very sexy. It's cool, but without trying too hard. 

What else can I was a Parisian fashion heaven! 

More photos from the Showroom and the entire collection you'll find one


  1. Aarghh, posted about her today as well, I am so impatient!! Do you know what you´re getting yet?

    1. Hey, well I haven't decided yet, but if I could, I would buy the entire collection!


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