Tuesday, November 12, 2013


"I feel I look weird with earings now" my friend Irina told me, "I feel the same way"" I replied. Truth is, I've been avoiding them for quite some time and I don't know exactly why. Until the moment I cut my hair short, I've worn earings 24/7, but after that they dissappeared from my daily accessories must-haves list. 

This fall I gave them a second chance, but only on special occassions. I started wearing again a pair of small pearl earing I got for my b-day a couple of years ago, which can look quite chic if they're matched with the right outfit.

Now, this design got my attention, mostly because the model has pretty short hair and wears them with a masculine jacket and a white buttoned up shirt. Makes me wonder if they would look good on me too? 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Who cares about the latest fashion items, when you have grandma's jacket who looks just the same? 
My recent discovery in terms of fashion clothing was this black straight cut jacket. Even though it's more than 50 years old (weird when you think of it), because of the good jersey fabric, it still looks brand new. 
Funny thing is, I wanted to buy similar jacket and I was happy to find out I already had something like it. 
I'm wearing it with a silk white shirt from Zara, high waist jeans from ASOS and a snake print bag from H&M. 
See the entire look here

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