Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 Looking at these pictures now, when outside it's freezing cold, I can only focus on one thing: bare legs! This instantly makes me wish I could move for the next couple of months to some far away land, where the cold and the snow are things which exist only in books and American movies. And speaking of American movies, this also makes me think of Carrie's Bradshaw crazy outfits - matching fur coats with sandals, just because bare legs look prettier than wearing tights. Which they actually do. But that only happens in the movies (or photoshoots). 

 Shot in early September, the concept of the photoshoot was to portray two friends having fun around town. You've already seen the other two "episodes" and this was the last one. Who knows, maybe we'll be back with a winter edition - you never know! 

Fashion Styling - Silvia Cristescu
Photography - Mariana Neacsu
Make-up - Diana Radulescu
Model - Corina


  1. YOu look amazing girls ! Love the whole styling ! And totally agree with you , bare legs are nicer that hidden in tights !

    XX Luba

    :: Well Living Blog :: Victoria Beckham jeans in my equestrian look today

  2. So nice picture))) I have already written about Carrie))))

  3. you guys look amazing, great shoot!



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