Monday, October 22, 2012


Last week I got to attend several events: the Sephora Psychedelic Party, Fashion's Night Out, BSB store opening and Il Passo's party to celebrate their new collection. Ouf! Now that I think of, it was a pretty busy week, but a lot of fun too! Of course my camera "died" because I forgot to recharge the battery (as usual), so the photos are not so sharp. The first photos are from Remy Holwick's fashion show, which was very fresh and the next ones from Sephora. While browsing through the new products for fall/winter, a make-up kit from Front Cover cosmetics caught my eye and I heard it will be in stores in 2 weeks - so it's a must buy for me! I didn't receive any of the pics from the other events, but I managed to find two. First one is from the BSB store opening, and the last one is from Il Passo. If you wonder who are the two lovely ladies, on the left it's Mona and on the right,Irina. 

As crazy as it seems I need to finish packing my bags, because tomorrow I'm going on a last-minute trip! Warsaw here I come! 


  1. wow, that floral jacket in the first pic is <3

  2. I agree the floral jacket in the first picture is gorgeous. Have fun in Warsaw!


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