Saturday, July 13, 2013


There are certain garments that make you scream "Oh my god, I have to buy!!" It was the case of this H&M skirt. A month ago, while styling for the Tiger.Watermelon project, I used one from their Showroom for an outfit. I know you couldn't actually see it, because in the end we chose a different picture, but here it is now! 

Last week, the collection finally hit stores, so I ran to get one for myself. I was lucky to find the last one in my size (you can imagine the joy of buying it was even bigger). It has a very Rihanna - 90s vibe and I absolutely love it! I styled it with the crop top, just to show you another look inspired by the Resort trends, but it can be just as cool with a loose T-shirt and a nice pair of Converse shoes or a denim shirt. It's very versatile and I have a feeling it will be my favourite item for this summer! 


  1. Just WOW! I absolutely love this outfit and you do look stunning!

  2. I love the simplicity of this outfit! The texture adds so much to the all-black!


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