Thursday, October 4, 2012


4th of October 2012 @H&M - The moment we all waited for - Anna dello Russo's collection was finally going on sale. "What are we gonna buy? In which store can we find it? Should we go in the morning?" - I was asking my friend, Irina.

I'm not a morning person, so the thought of waking up especialy to go buy some bracelets made me feel a bit ridiculous. I love fashion, but I'm not a fashion victim (at least, I don't consider myself to be one) and I am definitely not the type that would catfight over an item in a store with a total stranger. For a couple of times, I thought there's no point in going there first thing in the morning, cause I'm gonna find them later on, or the next day. But somehow I got caught up in this "fashion shower", set the alarm clock and decided to go. 

The shop was opening at 10 a.m., so 11.30 seemed pretty decent. I had my mind set on two bracelets - the crocodile and the small gold one - nothing extravagant and I was already imagining how I'm gonna wear them. 

When I entered the mall I saw some girls carrying the AdR shopping bag and said to myself " Good thing you came so early, it's not so crowded yet." But once I entered the H&M shop, I realised it was not crowded because everyone else already shopped and left. I was so surprised to see the shelves almost empty. There were just a few bracelets, necklaces and sunglasses left after only 1h and a half since they opened. Some girl who worked there told me in 15 minutes a lot of items sold out. "Whoaaah!!! No more gold bracelets?" I asked her. ""No" she answered, "Just these". Of course, the next second I started searching through all the boxes, but there were nowhere to be found. 

At least, I was lucky to find the crocodile bracelet. (You can say I had my share of the "fashion shower"). I never thought girls would get so crazy about this collection. Either way, H&M did a hell of a good job in promoting this! Next time, we'll all sleep in front of the shop! 


  1. I was in Italy on October 4th in vacation, so I forgot about the hole Anna dello Russo event, however passing near a H&M shop and seeing people with the famous bags, I decided to enter.
    It was around 4PM, so I told myself that nothing was left. Wrong.
    Most of the items were there, including the glasses, the crocodile items, the boots and necklaces. Indeed the blue bags were no were to be seen, however I didn't spend too much time asking about them...

    It looks to me that italian people didn't taste these items... or they have already a style that doesn't need these accessories... Don't know :)

    1. Funny story, yeah I was expecting they will sell fast, but not that fast!


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