Wednesday, October 3, 2012


For the second round of the 5in1 Challenge I decided to style the leather peplum top I got last month from Zara. Funny thing is, since I bought it, I only got to wear it once. I kinda knew that will happen, but I had to have it anyways! It's very elegant and you feel like no matter what you match it with, you will always be overdressed. The challenge here was to make it look different: casual, sexy, elegant, cool and chic.

Casual: When you say "casual" you say "jeans". The other option would have been some cool sweatpants. (please don't imagine something tacky), but I chose the vintage jeans. 

Look number 2: Leather top, mini skirt, and high heels. You get the idea. It's suppose to be sexy.  
Elegant? Can this top look more elegant than it is? (Yes, it actually can). I paired it with cropped pants and added some necklaces for a lady-like look. 

Baggy pants + denim jacket = grunge style => fall/winter 2012 trend => COOL. Conclusion - I should have studied mathematics. 

I wanted to wear a shirt underneath and it ended up being a chic-school-girl outfit. Oh well, at least school started!  

Fashion conclusion: If you put on your pyjamas and this peplum on top, you will still look elegant! 

Photography: Miruna Minculescu
Make-up: Adina Vlad 
Styling assistant: Irina Hartia 


  1. all your looks are gorgeous but I specially like the last one !

    XX Luba
    Well Living BLog :: see today my working {rainy} look

  2. love the last one :)

  3. You rock,girl!So inspiring;)

  4. This is FABULOUS, love all the looks although the one where you piled on the necklaces is my fav. Great, versatile piece. Have fun with it :)

    Love your blog, check out mine if you want :)

  5. I adore all these looks, although my fav is the one where you piled on the jewellery. Great idea for a blog post, such a versatile top - have fun with it :)

    Love your blog. Check mine out if you like :) or find me onTwitter and i'll follow back: @7wondersblog

  6. Totally love the first look!!!!

  7. Great ideas for making the peplum more versatile,love the idea of layering with another top!



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