Friday, August 17, 2012


Three years ago I had a fashion crush named Kate Lanphear. But it wasn't just me! Photographers, bloggers and all kind of fashion addicts were obsessed with her style and looks: the short bleached hair, the head-to-toe black outfits, the big chunky rock rings and bracelets, Kate had what the french say "la classe"! But where is she now? I googled and tried to find a recent picture of her, but nothing new showed up. She still is the style director of Elle USA, so why don't we see her anymore on the street style blogs? Did the photographers get bored of her style? Did her 15 minutes of fame already expire? 

One thing I've noticed is that they do have a new sweet-heart, Elisa Nalin . The total opposite of Kate: always wears colors, prints and a lot of fun outfits. The only resemblance is the short bleached hair. 

Who do you like best? Kate or Elisa? 


  1. Nominated you for an award!(:

  2. Love Kate and her looks! Imi place mult mai mult de ea :)


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