Wednesday, July 4, 2012


You know that feeling you get when you start enjoying working out ? (no)...  Or maybe that painful feeling you get after a long hour at the gym? (maybe)... Ahh the stress of having a perfect bikini body! Damn you Sports Illustrated! But we are not here to discuss weight problems or cellulite. Not even the Olympics! 
This summer fashion gets fit again, so this is our chance to dress comfortable and chic! (yes, this is our subject for today).
The history of sportswear started somewhere after WWI, when women were released from corsets and started being obsessed with their silhouettes. The slim figure was in fashion, therefore sports became very popular among the ladies. How did they stay fit? Well, there was tennis, of course, and swimming, but let's not forget skying! The only thing missing was the proper outfit. Slowly designers started to adopt some sportswear elements into their collections and Patou was the first to open a sportswear store and designed clothes for famous female tennis players. Americans were very fond of this style and didn't pay so much attention on the couture fashion from Paris. 
Since the sportswear trend is back, I'm gonna give it a try and hopefully make the best out of it on my vacation! 
Some shopping tips: look for chic short skirts and trainers, wedge sneakers a la Isabel Marant, varsity jackets. Use it but don't abuse it! 

photography: fashiongonerogue


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