Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 Yesterday I got invited to Andra Andreescu's "Secrets of the garden" party. I don't share secrets, but this time I'll make an exception - There were some really nice dresses, pretty jewelry and a fashionable crowd  (shhh -don't tell anyone, it's a secret, ok?) 
 As all of you, I had the big dilemma - a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! Sounds familiar? What should I wear? The question haunted me for a couple of minutes, when suddenly, I remembered seeing these light pink cigarette pants at H&M. I got to the store and jackpot! There they were, the last lonely pair waiting for me to buy them. 
I wore a 90's - Hit me baby one more time inspired outfit. I didn't have the time to properly shoot it, but I hope soon you will get to see some nice pictures.. It's a surprise! 

Kisses to all of you! I'm off to the office ! 

PS- Don't forget to vote for me here! I need your help in order to win! Thanks :) 


  1. seems like a lot of fun ! :D

  2. Good photos :)

  3. I love Garden Parties! I have a big garden myself, but unfortunately this year june hasn't been sunny at all...
    My Own Project

  4. H&M to the rescue :). Love the pants and how you wore them!


  5. Love the outfit! Especially that blue bra-top you have on. :)

  6. Love the photos, it seems like a lot of fun!


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