Monday, May 7, 2012


To be more specific: My 10 Fashion Rules. Ok. Let me get this started.

1. Wear Black - It never goes out of fashion and it will always look flattering and sophisticated. I noticed  people really avoid this color and they never appreciate a simple black outfit. Black is not boring, black is sexy and stylish!

2. Trends - Trends come and go. You barely have time to wear them, but they somehow manage to get your attention. For instance, the flower print trend. It's very popular this season, but in a few months it will be out of fashion. Try something that is timeless (like the 60's, 70's)... this way you will always be stylish.

3. Watch out for the fabric - A small detail, but still very important. You don't want to buy something and throw it away after you wore it two times, because the fabric looked awful. There are fabrics that look cheap no matter what you wear them with. Of course, a good quality fabric is more expensive, but this is not a rule. You can always try it on and ask yourself: does it look expensive or not?

4. Vintage Clothes: I love vintage clothes- they're unique and if you know how to wear them you can look super cool! The thing with vintage is that you can easily look like an old grandmother. In order to avoid that always match the vintage garment with a modern one. Make it look young again!

5. Black thights - White shoes - No matter what, this will never be stylish. Big NO!

6. Go French - I've always admired the French. Their style is effortless, sexy and tasteful. The best thing about it?! It's so easy to wear. You need a white shirt or a very good quality white t-shirt, jeans ( in the summer the short jeans) and some Isabel Marant boots. The final touch?! Red lipstick.

7. Have fun -  Accessorize your outfit. It's the easiest way to change your look!

8. Be versatile. I bought a few times some jackets because I liked them a lot. When I got home I realised that I couldn't wear them. When you're out shopping buy something that is versatile and matches with the clothes in your wardrobe.

9. Colored tights are for school girls. I know there are a lot of young women who wear them, but when you reach a certain age you shouldn't do that anymore.

10. Does it fit? Make sure it fits you well. This is probably the most frequent mistake you can do. To buy something just because you like it, but that doesn't suit you. I almost made this mistake last year with a pair of jeans.

What are your 10 fashion rules?


  1. I really like this post,and you are absolutely right !!

  2. agreed to all of the above!


  3. totally, you r so right!!!x

  4. Love this post !!! So many people need to see this.

    1. Thanks!Please, feel free to share it! :)

  5. Great post! Cu ocazia asta mi-am adus aminte ca am nevoie de o camasa alba care sa arate foarte bine insa mi-e incredibil de greu sa gasesc una sa imi vina bine (see rule no.10 :D)

    1. Merci! Cauta una din matase, nu poti da gres cu aia :P


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