Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 1. Urban Outfitters Men's T-shirt 2. Topshop skinny mint green pants 3. Topshop sunglasses 4.Topshop sandals 5. Chloe bag

At the beginning of the XX th Century, Coco Chanel decided men's clothes were far more chic, practical and comfortable (and we all agreed with her). Step by step she started stealing clothes from her "boyfriend's" closet: pants, shirts, sweaters, etc. In the end, she created the famous little black dress from jersey (a fabric used at that time strictly for men's underwear). 
Today women still fancy men's clothes and it's perfectly accetable to wear them. From all, in my opinion, the most versatile garment is the T-shirt. It has a straight shape, which you can alter it by wearing high wasted skirts or pants, it has cool prints (T-shirts created for us, ladies tend to have 13 year old prints) and  you can wear it everywhere in anyway you can think of. 
Here are three looks I created by using the same men's T-shirt.

1.Urban Outfitters Men's T-shirt 2. Topshop jacket 3.Topshop earings 4. Topshop shorts 5. Ash hi-tops

1. Urban Outfitters Men's T-shirt 2. Sonia Rykiel skirt 3. Accessorize Earings 4. Zara clutch bag 5. Topshop sandals

How would you wear it?


  1. I love these combinations with the T-shirt!

    1. thanks! it's nice to hear someone likes them :)

  2. you did a great job with these boards! love the styling!

    Jess of anythingwithstuds.blogspot.com


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