Sunday, April 15, 2012


At the ballet, you really feel like you're in the presence of something outside the rest of your life. Higher than the rest of your life.
Robert Caro 
I was 7 years old when I started taking ballet lessons. For me it was something new and fascinating and of course, at that time, my dream was to become a ballerina (such a cliche, right?). Truth is I was very skinny and really passionate about it (quite some assets).Two years later, I played my first solo act: a deer who gets killed by the huntsman so that Snow White could live. No need to tell you how happy I was, but soon after that my ballet career ended (tragically).

In Romania, unfortunately there aren't any great ballet shows. Even at the National Opera House the shows are always disappointing...You are probably wondering by now, what does this have to do with the pics? Let me tell you something: if you are lucky enough to live in London, or travel there anytime soon (more like tomorrow) go see Alice in Wonderland at the Royal Opera House. It is the biggest classical ballet production The Royal Ballet made for 20 years and everything about it is amazing: performance, choreography, music, setting, costumes and make-up.

P.S - Two days ago I bought these flats from H&M that are very resembling to ballet shoes. 
Photo credit: google images


  1. Wow, H&M is giving away fairy dust with the ballet shoes? Or is it your feet that are begging you for a pirouette? :)))

  2. Oh wish I were in London right now..:( I am crazy about anyhting Alice in Wonderland related and ballet of course! I took ballet lessons as a child too, and even now I regret not continuing them.


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