Tuesday, August 20, 2013


At the beginning of each season, you have to decide which team you play for. This time is super easy - you're either a girly girl and go for the feminine trends, like pastels and mid-century inspired clothes, or you play for the opponent team. That means dark colours, punk style clothes and lots and lots of menswear. 

There's no need to tell you, which team I choose. I'm sure you already guessed. While browsing ASOS.com I saw this shirt dress and fell in love with its dark goth look, though I'm not sure it will work in my advantage, because of its loose straight cut. Either way, it will be perfect for the summer's end. 


  1. Honestly, choosing a team always gives me so much anxiety I end up with a strange mis-mash wardrobe that seems non-committal.

    It's almost as if by giving us so many options they're doing us a disservice! haha

    Love this dress though!



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