Monday, June 17, 2013


I like the idea of going to the beach, but once there I instantly loose my patience: it's way too hot and time seems to pass at different speed. All my friends love to tan, an activity which I find incredibly boring, therefore I act like a 5 year old hyperactive kid. You may wonder, why am I writing about swimsuits? Well, each year, I buy two or three new bathing suits (it doesn't make sense, I know). 

This season, the super kitsch 90s style swimsuits got my attention - flamingos, neon colors, roses, and penguins, what can you ask for more? So here there are, specially selected for you, the craziest and most funky swimsuits for the summer: 
1. American Apparel Stripe Tricot V Swimsuit
3. Freak of Nature Galatic Rose Body Suit
8. We Are Handsome Penguin Scoop Swimsuit

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