Thursday, May 30, 2013


Scroll down two pages and you''ll easily notice I'm not a big fan of colors. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a perfectly styled colored outfit, but when it comes to my style - matching two or three colors at a time is just not my thing. I prefer classic pieces in black, white, blue or beige. While browsing Pinterest I realized, there is one color completely missing from my wardrobe - red. Then Kate's Moss sexy red dress came to my mind - Oh, yeah, that could be cool, or just a structured red mini skirt - Sure, why not? The idea of having some splash of color seemed appealing, but how to keep a balance? The red bag could be a good compromise, I thought, Hmmmmm tempting....especially after seeing this classy red bag from Mango, which is the perfect balance between having a little color and staying true to your style, don't you think? 



  1. I am loving red bags ! Great street style selection !

    XX Luba

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  2. the 1st one and the last one are so lovely!


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