Thursday, March 14, 2013


I've noticed trends come and go as well when it comes to photographing and editing a fashion spread for a magazine. Of course there are certain factors you need to take in consideration, depinding on the magazine you are working for. But if you take a closer look at the art directing side, you will realize this year a certain type of fashion editorial might be cool, and next year there will be something else for sure.

So what's cool now? Pop Art! Again? Yes, but it comes in a new and fresh way. This editorial from L'Officiel Singapore got my attention just because of its pop art and 60s mod generation influence. Using clean and graphic looks inspired by Twiggy, the pictures where shot in a studio. If it wasn't for the "pop art effects", the images would have been too simple and even boring. But this is surely not the case, because the "pop art effects" gave the pictures a fun and modern twist. 

Photos from

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  1. Love this! Pop art is one of my favourite things to see in fashion; I never get tired of it.

  2. This photo-shoot is amazing! I'm so in love with the 60s fashion also :-)that I have it as a theme on the new post :))
    keep up the good work!


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