Wednesday, September 26, 2012


For decades, Parisian women have been praised for their style and beauty.  We know they are sophisticated, chic and elegant, but what makes them so cool? Why is la parisienne the most stylish of them all? 

First of all: they look amazing without trying too hard. They don't put much make up - some foundation and mascara will do, maybe some red lipstick once in a while. Their hair is not over done - no need for tons of hairspray, hair extentions or hours spent at the salon in order to look good. They wear simple outfits - a white shirt, cropped black pants and high heels will just look great on them! 

Second - Attitude is what makes them cool - Confidence mixed with a little bit of arrogance and the let's not forget the je ne sais quoi. 

I admire their natural beauty and I think no one will ever manage to be more stylish than them, because Parisian women have what the french say "la classe"


  1. I was in Paris 2 times and I never saw Parisian women with high-heels, honestly. Or maybe once or twice, in the evening. They are chic, but without heels :) Of course, I am talking about average women, that use the subway, or walk on streets in the morning, not about the businesswomen.

    1. That is true, most of them wear flats (like all of us). I was reffering to the outfit Emmanuelle Alt was wearing in the picture. It's so simple and chic.

  2. You are so true in your post!!!
    I think that women all over the world can have the style lessons from women from Paris)

  3. You can't beat Parisian style, you're right that it's natural "classe". Although personality wise - I'm not sure about the confidence ;) they ca be just damn right mean. Hehe. x

  4. I've never been to Paris, but I want to go shopping there!


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