Wednesday, September 5, 2012


First, a small introduction: As many of you, sometimes I have no idea what to wear. I also tend to get obsessed in love with a certain piece and keep wearing it until it falls apart. Therefore, I thought a small styling challenge will help me get more creative. I will be styling one garment in 5 ways, in order to create 5 different looks.

OK. To get things started I chose for the first round of the "5in1 challenge" a military shirt (very trendy now). It has been in my closet for some time, but I never gave it too much attention and I have to say, it can be very versatile!

Look 1: A snake print pencil skirt (leopard print will also look good), a simple plain T-shirt and a statement necklace. As easy as it gets! 

Look 2: You can just wear it as a shirt. In the end, that's what it is! With the right pair of jeans and accessories you will have a fun outfit. 

Look 3: A shirt on top of another shirt. Why not? Here I matched it with a mini black skirt, but you can also wear jeans or pants. 

Look 4: A feminine and a masculine look at the same time? Yes, this shirt makes everything seem possible! Some black skinny jeans, a lace top, high-heels and of course, the military shirt! 

Look 5: What I like most about the shirt, is that you can wear it on top of a fancy dress and make it look more casual. It can be the perfect outfit for one of those nights out when you don't know if you will end up in a posh club or just a casual bar. 

Fashion Styling - Silvia Cristescu
Styling Assistant - Irina Hartia 
Photographer - Miruna Minculescu 
Make-up - Adina Vlad 


  1. OMG! I love this! I so want to do this challenge! Very Inspiring!

  2. I like it best juxtaposed to snake print, although all the combinations are <3

  3. So cute! Great combo's for casual Friday's in the office as well!

  4. great idea!! really like all 5 looks!

    it would be nice to know where you got the pieces (military shirt) that you used in each look :)

    ardena rose


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