Sunday, June 3, 2012


Pictures from Pinterest 
For many years now, I planned to renovate my bedroom and this summer is finally happening! I can't tell you  how excited I am about it and I really hope it will turn out just as I imagined! And what better way to find inspiration than on Pinterest? As every Pinterest junkie I have a weakness for white bedrooms (and this idea was stuck in my head long time before I discovered this website). I hope it will all turn out to look as stunning as an Elle Decoration apartment. Do you have any suggestions for it? What's your dream bedroom?

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  1. I crave as well for a white bedroom. There's something about the's pure, it's cosy and there is so much light!!! And if you're lucky and your room benefits from the sunshine in the morning, it's a real paradise :D.

    Good luck with the renovation. Although I have to wait longer in order to design my bedroom, I keep looking and finding many inspiration pictures on Maybe it will help you too!

  2. Thank you Sabina! Yes the room is super bright and it even has a balcony!

  3. White is definitely the best colour to go for in a bedroom. Makes the room look bigger as well.

    I followed your blog, please can you follow mine? :)

    Chloe Polo

  4. Love the fourth picture, I love fashion sketches

  5. I'm redecorating my room as well! its so hard to stick with a theme b/c the next day you end up falling in love with another one lol.. GOODLUCK!! :)

    1. Yes I know what you mean! The good part is that this style was stuck in my head for years now! I'll post some pics once I get started. Good luck to you too! :)


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